Business Benefits of Tulare County
  • Strategic Location within California
  • Proximity to Key State Highways (e.g., SR 99 and 65)
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Development Permit Processing Assistance
  • "Fast Track" Permit Processing Available
  • Development Financing Assistance
  • Construction Trades Training Program
  • Enterprise Zone (EZ) Benefits
    • 21-Day permit fast-tracking
    • 5-year, no interest, development fee deferral
    • State tax credits for hiring
    • State tax credits for purchasing qualified equipment
    • Accelerated expense deductions
    • Net interest deduction
    • Preference points on state contracts 
Tulare County Economic Development Response Team
(559) 624-7000 or email the team

Benjamin Ruiz Jr., Director, Resource Mangement Agency
Michael Washam, Assistant Planning and Economic Development Director
Eric Coyne, Deputy CAO, Economic Development, Film, & Tourism 
Aaron Bock, Chief Planner, Countywide Division
Hector Guerra, Chief Enviromental Planner
Dennis Lehman, Manager, Building and Housing Division