Tulare County is in the center of a robust and world class agriculturally-related region within a few hours of major metropolitan markets.

The County is strategically located to accommodate agriculturally-related industries focused on food transportation facilities, food processing facilities and commodity warehouse distribution centers.

Industrial development opportunities are apparent along Tulare County highway corridors and select unincorporated communities.

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Tulare County Economic Development Response Team
(559) 624-7000 - or email the team

Tulare County Economic Development Response Team

(559) 624-7000 - or email the team

Reed Schenke, Director, Resource Mangement Agency

Michael Washam, Assistant Planning and Economic Development Director

Eric Coyne, Deputy CAO, Economic Development, Film, & Tourism 
Aaron Bock, Chief Planner, Countywide Division

Hector Guerra, Chief Enviromental Planner

Hector Ramos, Manager, Building and Housing Division