About Us

The Economic Development Office (EDO) was established within the Economic Development and Planning Branch of the Resource Management Agency (RMA) in 2012.  Since its inception, the EDO has achieved measurable growth in the following industry sectors: agribusiness, renewable energy, healthcare, retail, commercial, and industrial.  Additionally, an increase in tourism and filming activities.

The Tulare County Economic Development Business Response Team (BRT) was created to provide rapid and substantive assistance to developers, existing businesses as well as prospective new development opportunities. The BRT’s mission is to foster business creation, expansion and attraction by providing quick review and feedback on development prospects and proposals.

Members of the team include but are not limited to experts from:

  • RMA Public Works
  • RMA Planning and Building Division
  • Tulare County Fire Department 
  • Health and Human Services Agency - Environmental Health Division


For more information, contact the Team at economicdevelopment@tularecounty.ca.gov.