Poplar and Cotton Center are two unincorporated communities in south central Tulare County, approximately 7 miles west of Porterville and 15 minutes from Highway 99.

Poplar is located at the junction of State Highway 190 and Road 192 or Mountain View Drive. Cotton Center is located immediately north of Poplar and is centered around Road 192 and Avenue 152.

Poplar derived its name from a group of poplar trees, which grew in front of the home of A.B. Carpenter, who submitted the name when he applied for a post office, an application granted on March 15, 1880. The Poplar post office was later moved to Porterville in 1907.

In 1900 the Ridgeway brothers opened their creamery just northeast of the Poplar community. During this period, Poplar expanded to include the Methodist Episcopal South Church, a blacksmith’s shop, an ice cream parlor, Grange hall, and a general store.

Grapes and other crops are now grown in the area. There are many prime Agricultural and Industrial properties available in this community. Poplar-Cotton Center has immediate access to rail and highway.