Richgrove is situated near the Tulare/Kern County Line on the north bank of a dry creek bed called Rag Gulch. along the old Porterville/Famosa Highway.

In the 1870s local shepherds began grazing their herds in the Rag Gulch area that eventually became known as Richgrove. Encouraged by the rich soil, settlers began to plant wheat and citrus groves. An application for a Post Office was submitted on Nov. 13 1907, and the name Richgrove was approved on Feb. 11, 1911.

Construction of the first building in the new planned Tulare County townsite of Richgrove – a hotel - began on October 20, 1909. The Richgrove Mercantile Company Store was then second building completed. Streets were laid out, palm trees planted, and curbs and sidewalks were even installed, along with a water system.

Orange groves were planted between Richgrove and Ducor. The Richgrove Land Company was formed in 1912 and trainloads of prospective buyers were brought in from Los Angeles; a robust real estate boom occurred.   Almost immediately there was a big freeze, half of the young orange trees were lost and the town came to a standstill.

Richgrove today is still an important growing area for grain crops and oranges.  Richgrove is located 20 minutes from the Highway 99 corridor, and has immediate access to rail and highway. There are many prime Agricultural and Industrial properties available in this community.