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Business Benefits

Business Benefits of Tulare County
  • Strategic Location within California
  • Proximity to Key State Highways (e.g., SR 99 and 65)
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Development Permit Processing Assistance
  • "Fast Track" Permit Processing Available
  • Development Financing Assistance
  • Construction Trades Training Program
  • Enterprise Zone (EZ) Benefits
    • 21-Day permit fast-tracking
    • 5-year, no interest, development fee deferral
    • State tax credits for hiring
    • State tax credits for purchasing qualified equipment
    • Accelerated expense deductions
    • Net interest deduction
    • Preference points on state contracts 
Tulare County Economic Development Response Team

(559) 624-7000 or email the team

Reed Schenke, Director, Resource Management Agency                   Michael Washam, Assistant Director, Resource Management Agency     Eric Coyne, Tourism Manager
Aaron Bock, Assistant Planning and Economic Development Director Hector Guerra, Chief Environmental Planner
Hector Ramos, Manager, Building and Housing Division