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Tulare County is by land mass one of the largest counties in California. Tulare County is located in the Central Valley, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco along Highway 99. This highway is one of the most important trucking routes on the West Coast.

Tulare County is home to eight incorporated cities, and 71 unincorporated communities. The County has a total area of 4,839 square miles and is mostly rural in nature. Roughly half this land mass consists of public lands, such as Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, the Giant Sequoia National Monument and the Sierra National Forest.

The median age of our County residents is just 28.5 years old - one of the youngest regional populations in California. Businesses choosing to locate here will discover we have a workforce that is both available and affordable.

Many of our rural communities should be considered prime development areas for agriculturally-related service commercial businesses. Our prime development areas are located in close proximity to rail and highways, as well as FedEx and UPS shipping hubs. We can get your goods to market!

Average drive times from Tulare County

Port of Oakland: 4 hours

Port of Long Beach: 4 hours
Fresno: 1.2 hours
Bakersfield: 1.2 hours
Los Angeles: 3.5  hours
San Francisco: 3.5 hours
UPS Shipping hub: 30 minutes
FedEx Freight Terminal: 30 minutes