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Tulare County is Number One in Milk Production

Situated in the southern part of the Central Valley, Tulare County is the number one county in the state and nation in annual milk production, totaling more than $1.6 billion, according to the 2012 Tulare County Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report.  

The dairy industry -- and its primary customer, cheese manufacturers -- support year-round and permanent job placement, thus adding to the stability and sustainability of this pervasive agricultural activity occurring in Tulare County.

California Dairy Industry Generates $63 Billion in Economic Output

According to a study recently prepared for the California Milk Advisory Board, the economic benefits of the dairy industry within California are significant. For example, in 2008 one dairy cow typically generated more than $34 thousand annually; and when considering the interrelated economic activity of milk distributors, truck drivers, milk and cheese processors, and retailers, the economic output of the dairy industry in California was $62 billion, according to this study. (For additional information, see California Milk Advisory Board (2011) (http://www.californiadairypressroom.com)

Viewed along this economic landscape, Tulare County, led by the Board of Supervisors -- and supported by the Tulare County Administrative Officer and Resource Management Agency -- continues to promote the sound and sustainable creation and expansion of the dairy business within the county.

Tulare County Animal Confinement Facilities Plan Update in Process

In keeping with this progressive approach grounded firmly in economic opportunity and environmental stewardship, the Board of Supervisors recently authorized a comprehensive update of the Animal Confinement Facilities Plan (ACFP) designed to simplify, streamline and strengthen the outcomes of the dairy permit process.

For more information regarding the ACFP, please contact:

Tulare County Resource Management Agency (559) 624-7000